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4 Common Myths About Skin Care

4 Common Myths About Skin Care


Because skin care is such a subjective field, depending in part
on the bodily composition of the person in question, there are a lot of Walnut
Creek skin treatment methods floating around. Some of these are inherently
harmless, while others can lead to potentially serious conditions.


Anti-Aging Products Remove Wrinkles


While it’s tempting to believe that anti-aging products can
remove all traces of wrinkles, this is only a form of wishful thinking. As of
yet, there is no scientific method to reverse visible signs of aging. The way
most anti-aging products function is by adding moisture to the skin, subtly
engorging the area so that wrinkles are not as apparent. It should by no means
be thought that the wrinkles are removed by anti-aging products — they are
merely hidden by them. These products, while effective in temporarily hiding
visible wrinkles, are no permanent solution to visible signs of aging.


High SPF Sunscreen Provides the Best Results


Although it’s always advised that people use a sunscreen with an
SPF over 15 (even when they plan on being outside for a small amount of time),
it’s important to note that a high SPF sunscreen only protects the skin from
UVB rays, which are the rays that tend to cause sunburn on the skin’s surface.
However, several sunscreens do not offer protection from UVA and UVC rays, both
of which can potentially travel deep into the skin, potentially causing skin
cancer. While high SPF sunscreens are recommended for their UVB ray protection,
it’s advised that people seek sunscreens that also offer protection from UVA
and UVC rays.


Certain Makeups Offer Protection from the Sun


Some makeups are advertised as including sunscreen in their composition,
with SPF levels going as high as 30. Because of this, it’s tempting for people
to believe that they don’t require sunscreen during long hours spent outside on
a sunny day, since their foundation is effectively doing the job for them.
However, it’s important to note that these forms of makeup only provide a very
thin layer of sun protection; one would have to apply ten times the regular
amount of makeup in order to be sufficiently protected from the sun.


Acne can be Remedied through Hard Skin Scrubbing


It is commonly believed that a hard scrubbing session can remove
the appearance of acne, keeping the face looking youthful and healthy. However,
this is a misconception; human skin requires oils that are naturally produced
by the body in order to be fully protected. Aggressive scrubbing can
potentially remove much of the natural oils found on the skin. This may lead to
further damage in the form of rashes appearing on the skin. Furthermore,
scrubbing does not necessarily aid in removing acne from the skin, especially
when breakouts are hormonal in nature.

Disclaimer: We are unable to guarantee any result, even though most of our patients do see success. The results of our services will vary greatly to each patient’s level of commitment and compliance with the program.


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