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5 Skin Care Tips to Get That Youthful Glow Overnight

5 Skin Care Tips to Get That Youthful Glow Overnight

Before you go to bed at night, you should include in your routine some skin care measures to get that youthful glow in the morning. Additionally, having a skin care regimen is like investing in your future self so you can maintain that young-looking skin. With these skin care tips, you still need to visit your dermatologist in Placerville to ensure that your skin is kept healthy. Even your dermatologist in Pleasanton likely swears by these simple skin care tips.

1. Clean your face

Before you go to bed, it is important to remove everything from your face including your makeup, sunscreen, moisturizer, and especially the dirt buildup. If you don’t clean your face before sleeping, it can irritate or block your pores, which can result in dryness of the skin and breakouts. Make sure that you thoroughly clean your face with a gentle cleanser including the areas around your eyes that you usually put makeup on. Make sure that you have some cleansing wipes on your bedside for quick access in case you still want to make sure that your face is really clean before shutting your eyes.

2. Use a tried and tested moisturizer

There are lots of moisturizer brands out there so it is important that you choose something that has been thoroughly tried and tested. Additionally, choose one that really works for your skin type. There is a new trend in this area called a sleep mask and it is popular for being a super moisturizer. People who have used it say that they wake up with a really glowing skin in the morning. Apparently, the sleep mask is much lighter than cream moisturizers but is deemed super effective.

3. Change your pillowcase regularly

Some people ignore the fact that their pillowcase can have a huge impact on their skin. Since you lie on it for a long time every night, make sure that your pillowcase is replaced regularly to keep it clean. Moreover, find a pillowcase that is soft to avoid abrasion on your skin. Tough pillowcases can irritate your skin and cause inflammation, which can have an adverse effect on your overall skin health.

4. Have enough sleep

To ensure that you maintain that youthful glow, get enough sleep every night. It is desirable to have a restful sleep of 6 to 8 hours to fully refresh your skin. It is called beauty sleep because it truly does make your skin more beautiful.

5. Hydrate even at night

It is easy to miss hydrating before going to bed but this is really important. Just as you would hydrate in the morning, you need to drink water at night to replenish the moisture on your skin from within.

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