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5 Ways Being Pregnant Can Affect Your Skin

5 Ways Being Pregnant Can Affect Your Skin

Pregnancy Glow

Most people have heard the term “pregnancy glow,” but not everyone understands just what it means. When a woman is with child, her hormones combine, creating oil and an increase of blood in her body. Moreover, extra oxygen is delivered by hormones to nearly every single organ in the human body, thus causing a pregnant woman’s skin to glow vivaciously.

Frequent Breakouts

While the pregnancy glow mentioned above is a good thing, not every single change to a pregnant woman’s skin is going to be positive. As mentioned, being pregnant causes the body to produce more hormones than usual, which causes progesterone to trigger the existence of additional sebum production. This causes skin to be more prone to breakouts; however, there are many creams and serums a pregnant woman can use to combat these breakouts. But before applying a new cosmetic, it is always best for pregnant woman to seek the counsel of their dermatologist in San Francisco.

Dark Patches of Skin

Melasma is a skin condition that commonly occurs on the face. It can be easily spotted by a dermatologist due to its dark patches. In fact, melasma is so common among pregnant women that it is often referred to as the “pregnancy mask.” Pregnant women are more prone to melasma during their third trimester, as this is when the body produces large traces of estrogen, melanocyte, and progesterone, which are the three common factors in skin coloration.

Additional Body Hair

Another way pregnancy can affect one’s skin is by causing it to become hairier than usual. Most women experience a rise in their body hair during pregnancy, and this has everything to do with hormones. Pregnant women commonly report finding extra hair on their face, breasts, underarms, legs, etc. Should the excess hair cause a woman to grow uncomfortable, it is wise for her to contact her dermatologist in San Francisco to ensure that the bleaching products she is thinking of using will not harm her baby. However, most women report shedding this excess hair within half a year of giving birth.

Pregnancy Tumors

Pregnancy tumors are very common in pregnant women and usually present themselves in the shape of a mole. These moles often appear within a woman’s mouth or on her hands. Despite being harmless most of the time, it is always best for pregnant woman to have their pregnancy tumors checked out immediately. Women can also experience the manifestation of skin tags in places where high friction occurs, but these aren’t necessarily dangerous.

For the most part, skin changes during pregnancy are harmless. Regardless, it is always recommended to see a dermatologist in San Francisco should anything abnormal manifest itself.

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