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Helpful Tips for Dealing With Dryness

When it comes to skin treatment in San Francisco, dealing with chronic dryness can be a real pain. Not only is it uncomfortable, but areas that are prone to dryness are also more prone to developing conditions such as eczema, which in turn, can lead to redness, cracking and inflammation.

Mostly through, dryness just doesn’t feel good, and as such, this article is going to recommend some helpful suggestions for at-home skin treatment in San Francisco that anybody living with dryness can put to use to help neutralize their condition. That said, anybody living with dryness should also consider talking to a dermatologist in Pleasanton to learn more about what can be done for their condition.

So, with all that in mind, what are some handy at home tips that people living with dryness can put to use to help neutralize their condition? Read on to find out.

Moisturize Several Times a Day

When it comes to dealing with dryness, moisturizers not only provide relief from itching and discomfort, but they also create a natural moisture barrier that keeps water from escaping out of the pores. As such, anybody who is prone to dryness should always have a high-quality moisturizer on hand so that they can apply it whenever and wherever symptoms start cropping up. Take note that it is important to take extra care to thoroughly moisturize after bathing, swimming or showering.

Also, keep in mind that not all moisturizers are created equal, and in this type of instance, it is often more than worth it to shell out for quality. Low-cost moisturizers tend to be packed with cheap ingredients and fillers like alcohol that can actually exacerbate dryness, so be sure to read the ingredients before making a choice.

It is always best to opt for products that contain gentle oils like coconut, jojoba, argan, shea or even olive oil that will supplement and replenish the body’s own natural oils. In fact, in cases of extreme dryness, these oils can actually be a great addition to a daily care routine. Anybody looking for good recommendations should talk to their local dermatologist in Placerville to learn more.

Be Mindful About Bathing Practices

A long hot shower or bath might feel great, but it will also sap all those essential natural oils right out of the pores. This is why it is so important for people who are prone to dryness to be mindful of their bathing practices, especially when the weather is chilly.

As a general rule, try to limit baths or showers to no longer than ten minutes. It can feel great to crank up the heat, but the dryness that results is usually not worth it. Rather, shoot for a more refreshing warm water shower. As an added boost, a person will usually come out feeling more energized than if they would if they crank the heat. A cold water blast at the end is a great wake up and will help trap in moisture as well.

For those who love the relaxing effect of a great soak, try supplementing water with nourishing elements like Epsom salts, and maybe even a teaspoon of coconut oil. Healthy oils will create a moisture barrier and help the pores to replenish any of their own natural oils that they may lose during a long bath.

Skip on the Harsh Soaps

Soap is a necessary element of healthy hygiene practices, but it can also be a major contributing factor in terms of dryness. By nature, soap is generally designed to remove oils, and this is great for getting rid of grime, but not so great in terms of retaining a healthy moisture balance.

As such, it is important that anybody who suffers from dryness to take extra care when selecting soap for their bodies, hands and faces. As a general rule, the gentler the cleaners the better. It is also a good policy to avoid any harsh unnatural scents and look for products that contain natural oils or fats to replace those that the soap takes out.

Dry Off Right Away

In order to minimize dryness, it is important to dry off right away after bathing. Air drying will allow even more precious moisture over time, so the sooner that a person dries off after they step out of the shower, the better.

In addition, always be sure to pat the body dry rather than rub with a towel. In addition, it is best to moisturize within a few minutes of bathing so that the moisturizer can help to conserve oils in the skin.

Humidify the Environment

Dryness can be a particularly prevalent issue in areas that generally don’t have a very high humidity index. The more humid the air, the easier it will be for the body to retain its ideal moisture balance, so anybody who suffers from dryness will generally stand to benefit from the use of a humidifier in the home or office.

Portable humidifiers can be particularly handy in this respect since they can easily be transported from area to area without having to worry about purchasing multiple units.

Wear Gentle, Breathable Fabrics

Many people don’t realize that their clothing choices can actually cause dryness and irritation, especially for those who continually opt for low-quality synthetic fabrics or the type of threads that have a tendency to be scratchy, like wool, for example.

As a general rule, if an article of clothing doesn’t feel good, it is probably going to make dryness worse. When it comes to stylish and comfortable picks, fabrics like silk and cotton top the list. However, in a pinch, wearing a comfortable, breathable layer of undergarments can also help prevent any irritation that might be caused by a favorite outfit that just can’t be parted with.

The Takeaway

When it comes to warding off the effects of dryness, at-home treatments can generally be quite effective, as long as they are followed diligently. However, anybody who suffers from persistent dryness should likewise schedule an appointment with a local dermatologist in Cameron Park to rule out any underlying conditions and learn more about what can be done.

Disclaimer: We are unable to guarantee any result, even though most of our patients do see success. The results of our services will vary greatly to each patient’s level of commitment and compliance with the program.

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