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March 2016

Home Care for Psoriasis

5 At-Home Psoriasis Treatments There is little doubt that prescription medicine works best when it comes to treating serious skin conditions. However, between visits to a dermatologist in Cameron Park, there are some doctor-recommended treatments that may help alleviate discomfort and reduce reliance upon medication. Keep Skin Hydrated When skin gets dry, it makes symptoms

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4 Psoriasis Treatment Options

Common Treatments for Psoriasis The best choice of psoriasis treatments depends upon the severity of the skin disease and the individual. While some patients can reduce symptoms by relying upon lifestyle changes and at-home remedies, others may need prescription medication. Because there is not one treatment that works the best for everybody, patients who seek

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What is Excema Caused By?

The root cause of eczema still hasn’t been discovered. Even so, doctors do know which which factors are likely to make it more likely that somebody suffers from this skin condition. This condition is very similar to an allergic reaction and tends to appear in people with other allergies, but it does not actually seem

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