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Christmas July 2024

Does Liposuction Leave Scars?

As with any procedure that requires incisions, liposuction can leave scars. Luckily, the SmartLipo approach at Berman Skin Institute reduces scarring for a more minimally invasive procedure than more traditional forms. We offer safe and effective liposuction procedures at our clinic.

Our Liposuction Process

Liposuction is a popular cosmetic surgery designed to eliminate stubborn fat from your body in one swift procedure. Berman Skin Institute uses SmartLipo laser and tumescent technology for a safer procedure and more optimal results.

SmartLipo laser technology melts fat, allowing more to be extracted than traditional methods. Because the fat is liquified, the removal process requires a much smaller instrument — and, therefore, a much smaller incision — reducing liposuction scars. As a bonus, the laser will also tighten the overlying skin, producing a smooth contour.

Additional Benefits of SmartLipo

There’s a reason why SmartLipo is considered the best of its kind. In addition to minimal scarring, SmartLipo offers:

  • Safer techniques: We use the tumescent technique for the SmartLipo procedure — a diluted lidocaine solution is injected into the fatty tissue, making it swollen for easier and safer extraction with minimal blood loss.
  • Less side effects: This state-of-the-art laser technology regulates temperature, unlike similar tools, minimizing the risk of burns. and improves skin tightening and fat extraction. Additionally, using a smaller incision without sutures allows the incision to drain and heal properly, minimizing swelling and bruising and allowing for a faster recovery time. This new technology improves skin tightening and fat extraction.
  • Faster healing: Smaller incisions and no sutures result in shorter recovery time than traditional liposuction. The tumescent technique allows for the avoidance of general anesthesia and its associated risks. You’ll be back to your favorite activities in no time.

Why Trust Berman Skin Institute?

Berman Skin Institute is proud to be a leader in dermatology and cosmetic procedures, providing expert care for you to reach your personal goals. You can trust us, as we are passionate about:

  • Patient-centered care: Everything we do is for our patients. We understand that all patients have different goals for their treatment, and we always try to accommodate every need. Our concierge-like service lets us create relationships with our patients, helping them feel at home in our office.
  • Advanced technology and innovation: Like with our SmartLipo approach, we stay up to date on the latest technology to provide our patients with the best care possible. We have early access to novel technologies to offer advanced care to patients before other physicians.
  • Offering comprehensive services: In addition to liposuction, Berman Skin Institute offers a plethora of other dermatology and cosmetic services. Some of the major services we offer include BOTOX®, IPL PhotoFacials, CoolSculpting®, laser hair removal and acne treatment facials.

Learn More About Liposuction From Our Experts

If you’re interested in advanced liposuction services with minimal scarring, check out SmartLipo from Berman Skin Institute. We will set you up with a consultation to talk to one of our providers, who will answer any questions you may have. Reach out to us today to schedule your appointment!

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