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How Can I Speed up Healing After CO2 Laser Treatment?

While your new laser resurfacing results are exciting, you must give your skin ample time to heal. CO2 laser treatments use laser technology to penetrate the skin and remove the blemished epidermis, stimulating the skin to produce new collagen. After the healing process, laser skin resurfacing will result in smooth, youthful, and rejuvenated skin.

How Long Does CO2 Laser Take to Heal?

CO2 laser treatment can take around 10 days to two weeks to fully heal. Following your treatment, your skin may be red and feel sore, like a sunburn. Your skin will be very sensitive during these weeks, but giving it time to generate new skin cells and collagen will allow you to get the best results.

A Look Into Recovery From CO2 Laser Treatments

Like with every treatment, the exact CO2 laser under-eye and lower face recovery time can vary from patient to patient. On average, patients have made a full recovery within 10 days. Using this timeline, here is a quick look at the healing journey your skin could experience:

  • Days one and two: Fresh out of treatment, your skin will be very sensitive. You will experience the height of swelling during this time, but this is normal — it should recede between 24-48 hours. Be sure to protect your skin from UV sun damage and avoid treatments or activities that further exacerbate your skin’s sensitivity.
  • Days three and four: Over the next couple of days, your skin may begin to tighten, like when you have a clay mask on. It is also normal to see a yellowish fluid or crusting form on the treatment area. These are all good signs that new skin is forming underneath.
  • Days five and six: Like a scab, your skin may feel itchy as it heals. While it may be tempting, refrain from scratching, as this could slow or interfere with the healing process.
  • Days six through 10: These last few days are the home stretch of the healing process, and your skin will show improvements each day. By around day 10, your skin will largely heal with little to no crusting. There may still be some pink skin on your face, but this will subside within the next few days.

Tips for a Successful Recovery Routine

After your procedure, your provider will give you instructions to aid your CO2 laser recovery. Here are some of the most common tips:

  • Apply ointment: Your provider will give you an ointment to keep your skin from drying out as it heals. Apply this after cleansing your face in the morning and throughout the day if you feel your skin drying out.
  • Keep the area clean: Laser treatments leave your skin exposed — keep the treatment area clean to prevent bacteria and infection. However, be sure you are only using mild cleansers for sensitive skin.
  • Use sunscreen: CO2 laser treatments will feel like a sunburn, so be sure to treat them as such. If you leave the house or go outside in any capacity, apply at least 30 SPF sunscreen to your skin.

Why Trust Berman Skin Institute?

Berman Skin Institute is a dermatology and cosmetic surgery center dedicated to helping you reach your skincare goals. We are passionate about patient-centric care and tune treatments to fit your exact situation. Through each of our comprehensive services — such as CO2 laser treatments — we ensure we are up to date with the most recent technology and innovations so that your results can be the best of the best. We are experts in several areas, making us your one-stop skincare center.

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