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Laser Hair Removal in Northern California
(Sacramento, San Francisco Bay Area & Other Locations)

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Benefits Of Laser Hair Removal

  • FDA approved for reduction of hair
  • Fast
  • Affordable
  • Treatment areas include the face, lip, bikini line, legs, back, buttocks, feet, shoulders, abdomen
  • Any area with dark hair is treatable
  • Removes hair and hair bumps (pseudofolliculitis barbae), ingrown hairs
  • Large areas done at one time
  • Multiple areas done at one time
  • Minimal risk

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Watch Dr. Berman performing laser hair removal as seen on The Discovery Channel

How Does Laser Hair Removal Work?

The laser passes over the skin, and dark pigment in hair follicles beneath the skin absorbs the light energy, disabling hundreds of hairs at a time.

The technological advantages of our lasers over older laser systems are:

Of the 60 lasers available in our clinic, 20 are for laser hair removal.  The significant technological advantages of our lasers over older laser systems are:

  • a longer wavelength of light which penetrates the skin and targets the hair follicles below
  • a longer pulse duration which also permits deeper penetration of the skin
  • a quicker treatment, important for treating larger areas
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Watch Dr. Berman performing laser hair removal as seen on The Discovery Channel

At-Home Laser Hair Removal vs. Professional

Laser hair removal has become a popular choice for many people who wish to remove unwanted hair without shaving or waxing. Part of laser hair removal’s popularity lies in the fact that the market has seen a surge of laser devices that allow users to perform treatments in their own homes. However, before trying laser hair removal at home, you’ll want to consider the following factors:


At-home laser hair removal devices often have a lower power output, which reduces their effectiveness. When you go to a professional for laser hair removal, they will use a more powerful laser that can remove hair more effectively.

 Treatment Time 

Since at-home devices treat smaller areas, your treatment time can stretch anywhere from a half hour to an hour, depending on the size of the area. In contrast, professional hair removal can treat large areas, and most professionals can treat body parts such as the legs in 30 minutes.

Number of Treatments

Professional laser hair removal typically removes up to 95% of hair in seven to nine sessions. Conversely, many at-home laser devices only remove 70% of hair after three months of use and need more maintenance sessions.


Safety is always a top priority with any form of laser treatment. During a laser hair removal session with a professional, they will monitor how your skin reacts to treatment, and they can stop or change your treatment based on your skin’s needs. At-home devices can cause skin issues like burns, especially if you use a non-FDA-approved device. Since at-home laser hair removal devices can damage the skin, you should never use them on the face.


Laser hair removal offers little to no pain for at-home and professional treatment options. When you complete treatment at home, you can adjust the intensity to reduce any feelings of minor discomfort you may feel. In a professional setting, one of our providers will apply a topical numbing cream for an entirely pain-free treatment process.


Many people prefer at-home laser hair removal, as the cost of at-home devices is generally lower than professional treatment. However, once you consider replacement cartridges, attachments and electricity costs, at-home treatments are often the same if not more than a professional treatment. You will also have to maintain your at-home device, which can further increase the cost of at-home laser hair removal.

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Safety & Side Effects Of Laser Hair Removal

We perform test spots with increasing energy settings at the time of the initial consultation. This way, we can start the treatment at the most effective energy for the greatest results, while avoiding the risk of injury to the overlying skin like blisters, scarring or a change of pigment. Test spots also help minimize the number of sessions required.

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Does Laser Hair Removal Hurt?

A topical anesthetic cream is all that is required for most patients need to alleviate pain.

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When Can I Shave After Laser Hair Removal?

We recommend waiting three to four days after completing a laser hair removal session before shaving the treatment area. Waiting a few days allows your skin to recover and reduces the risk of irritation.

Our Locations for Laser Hair Removal - San Francisco Bay Area, Sacramento & Other Locations

Berman Skin Institute is among the largest dermatologic and aesthetic laser surgery centers on the globe, with laser hair removal locations in:

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Our staff of over 100 individuals consists of physician assistants, nurse practitioners and registered nurses who offer a team approach in caring for the more than 250,000 patients who have visited us since 1993. Our center has more experience in laser hair removal than any other clinic in the San Francisco Bay Area and Sacramento Area, with 58 different lasers on site full time. Since 1997, we have performed thousands of treatments and consider ourselves the experts in this field.

Today, laser hair removal is one of the most popular laser treatments in the world. Its safety and effectiveness have made most other treatments for excessive hair growth obsolete.

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