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BBL Laser Treatment

As we age, we can lose confidence in our skin. Berman Skin Institute offers BBL Hero by Sciton to smooth signs of aging and help you reach your skincare goals. 

What Is BBL Laser Treatment? 

BroadBand Light (BBL) is a skin rejuvenation treatment used to diminish rosacea, age spots, scarring, sun exposure, loose skin and more. It can target all areas of the body — although it is most often used for the face, neck, chest, arms and hands.

How Does BBL Work?

BBL uses a broad spectrum of intense light pulses that stimulate collagen production in the skin and enhance your complexion. Collagen is a protein that protects skin health and structure, repairing damage and discoloration.

A single BBL treatment lasts around 15-30 minutes — however, this time estimate can vary depending on your treatment plan.

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Benefits Of BBL Laser Treatment

Many people turn to BBL treatments because they can:

  • Correct skin imperfections: The primary purpose of BBL is to clear skin imperfections, particularly on the face. Combat acne, unwanted hair, redness, age spots, sun damage and more for young-looking skin.
  • Keep your skin safe: BBL is a non-invasive treatment, meaning no incisions are made throughout the procedure. This helps you achieve the skin you want with minimal risks.
  • Offer fast results: Laser treatment has become more effective as technology advances. With BBL treatments, you can see results within a few days following a session. Keep up with recommended treatments for continued repair.

What to Expect After BBL Laser Treatment

Following a BBL session, you may feel some burning or warmth in the treatment area, but this is normal as the skin heals. To help relieve swelling, press a cold compress on the affected area for 10-20 minutes.

BBL laser treatment requires little to no downtime. While you can get a session done during your lunch break, we ask that you avoid intense physical activity for a few days, as sweat can increase discomfort. We also recommend against using exfoliants, topical acne treatments and scented moisturizers on the treatment area until it has completely healed.


To help explain BBL further, we have compiled a list of some frequently asked questions from our previous clients. 

How Long Will It Take to See Results After BBL Laser Treatment?

Noticeable changes will appear within a few days of treatment for several conditions, such as redness, age spots, sun damage, acne and rosacea.

Does BBL Laser Hurt?

You may feel mild pain and warm sensations from the BBL pulses during treatment.

Can BBL Damage Skin?

BBL cannot damage skin. Following a session, your face may appear sunburned or swollen, which will reduce over a few days.

Does BBL Laser Help With Wrinkles and Tighten Skin?

Yes! BBL stimulates collagen production, which can reduce wrinkles and tighten skin structure.

How Long Do BBL Laser Results Last?

BBL laser results can vary depending on your skin condition and how many sessions are in your treatment plan. On average, results can last for several months.

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