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Christmas July 2024

4 Psoriasis Treatment Options

Common Treatments for Psoriasis

The best choice of psoriasis treatments depends upon the severity of the
skin disease and the individual. While some patients can reduce symptoms by
relying upon lifestyle changes and at-home remedies, others may need
prescription medication. Because there is not one treatment that works the best
for everybody, patients who seek skin treatment in San Francisco may be
presented with a variety of options to try.

1. Creams and Ointments

Most people who suffer from this skin condition rely upon creams or ointments.
Very often, natural or over-the-counter moisturizers and oils help keep skin
hydrated to reduce the risk of symptoms. In more severe cases, doctors can
prescribe topical medications that also help reduce inflammation.

2. Prescription Pills or Liquids

With moderate to severe cases, a skin doctor might prescribe an oral
medication or even a shot. The purpose of these is to reduce outbreaks and
clear skin. There are several different oral and injectable medications that
have been approved for psoriasis treatment.

3. The Water Treatment

The best thing about a water treatment is that it can easily get done at
home with no prescription. The easiest thing to do is use mineral salts, oil,
or ground oatmeal with a lukewarm bath. A swim in saltwater may also help. A
dip in a chlorinated pool also helps sometimes, but it’s important to shower
the chlorine off later because it can be irritating. After drying off from a
good soak, it’s a good idea to apply moisturizer to help keep skin hydrated.

4. Alternative Medicine

Many people believe stress triggers outbreaks. Yoga or meditation may help
relieve stress, so they might help reduce psoriasis symptoms. However, it’s
wise to be wary of some herbal remedies for psoriasis because they may cause a
problem with prescription medications or even be allergens. Even though it
hasn’t been proven, scientists believe there may be a link between allergies
and psoriasis. If in doubt, it’s a good idea to ask a doctor if a particular
natural remedy is considered safe.

Doctors don’t really know what causes this skin condition. They do know that
different treatments seem to work best for different patients. In some cases,
it might be necessary to try a few different treatments to find relief.

Disclaimer: We are unable to guarantee any result, even though most of our patients do see success. The results of our services will vary greatly to each patient’s level of commitment and compliance with the program.

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