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4 Common Psoriasis Triggers to Consider

Most people who seek skin treatment in Walnut Creek learn about triggers
that may cause or worsen outbreaks of psoriasis. If patients aren’t made aware
that certain things can worsen their skin condition, they may never notice that
common habits or dietary choices affect their skin health. This list of common
psoriasis triggers may help some people who suffer from this condition to
minimize their issues.

1. Stress

The bad thing about suffering from both stress and skin conditions is that
they can compound upon each other. While stress may worsen symptoms, the
symptoms may cause more stress. Most people who suffer from psoriasis learn
that an outbreak is a sign that they need to do more to manage their mood.
Making relaxation part of a normal routine could be very helpful.

2. Allergies

Apparently, there is still no scientific proof that there is a link between
psoriasis and allergies. However, folks who suffer from this skin condition are
more likely to also cope with allergies than people without a skin condition.
It might be worthwhile to get tested for common allergies in order to discover
a possible trigger.

3. Alcohol

Again, doctors think that heavy drinking tends to cause psoriasis to flare,
but the exact link has not been established scientifically. Some doctors ask
their patients to abstain or limit themselves to no more than a drink or two a
day. In addition, some prescription medications for this condition should not
be taken with alcohol.

4. Dry Weather Conditions

Dry skin makes the itchy and scaly feeling worse. There may not be any way
to change the weather or lack of humidity in the air, but keeping skin
moisturized can help reduce symptoms sometimes. A prescription or
over-the-counter moisturizers may be suggested by a doctor. Otherwise, lots of
people have good luck with natural oils or even petroleum jelly.

While medical science may not have established a direct link between
triggers and outbreaks, plenty of patients find that they can minimize their
symptoms by avoiding common triggers. It might be worth it to experiment with
changes to a diet or routine to find out if it helps.

Disclaimer: We are unable to guarantee any result, even though most of our patients do see success. The results of our services will vary greatly to each patient’s level of commitment and compliance with the program.

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