Meet Our Dermatologists & Skin Care Specialists

Our dedicated skin care specialists offer you the benefit of their experience and expertise, caring for a wide range of dermatological conditions. Our practice is different than most others in three big ways:  1) Concierge-like practice: we see fewer patients than most dermatologists.  We rather see fewer patients, and spend more quality time with each patient.  Further,  we want our patients to have direct email and phone access to their specialists, so we put that information right on your specialist’s business card.   We want to hear directly from you, should you have a concern, or even for positive feedback!  2) Many of our skin care specialists are involved in clinical research at the institute.   We like the challenge of blending research with clinical practice.  3) Our providers offer a wide array of treatment options, from lasers to robots, to ultrasound-guided procedures, and also radio frequency based medical devices to provide a comprehensive service offering that is expected in high tech Northern California and Silicon Valley.  In fact, we are one of the largest skin laser centers in the world.

Our practice has been around for over 25 years, and we are proud of the skin care specialists  that you can rely on.

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Annie Singh, PA-C

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