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Common Conditions Treated by a Dermatologist

Common Conditions Treated by a Dermatologist

Your skin is what protects your body from the world, so it works hard every day. It is also exposed to an array of impurities and environmental factors that could cause damage. If you notice something When it comes to a dermatologist, Palo Alto residents should consider seeing one when they notice something odd with their skin. A qualified dermatologist can help to diagnose the issue and get you on a solid treatment regimen. Knowing more about some of the most common skin conditions can help to make you more informed about your health.


Eczema is a term that might be used to describe atopic dermatitis or a rash-like skin condition. Experts do not know the exact cause, but it is thought to be associated with a variety of environmental and genetic factors. Several factors might cause eczema symptoms, such as certain irritants, microbes, foods, hormones, allergens, extreme temperatures and stress. This skin condition is not curable, but there are treatments that might help to control the symptoms.


While most often seen in teens, adults can experience acne too. A number of factors might contribute to you experiencing this condition as an adult, such as hormones, menopause, certain medications and stress. Topical or oral medications, a proper daily skincare regimen and identifying the causative factor can all help to clear up your skin. Seeing a dermatologist is important because they can help you to create the best treatment plan.


Psoriasis is a skin condition that is chronic and could result from autoimmune activity. It is also considered to be genetic, so if a parent had this condition, you are at an increased risk for developing it. With psoriasis, the skin erupts with red bumps that are scaly, and these gradually become plaques. While most areas of the body can be affected, it is most common on the elbows, knees and scalp. This condition is not one that can be cured, but there are treatments that may help to control it.


This is a type of inflammatory skin condition that affects the face. The face might appear reddened and there could be visible dilated blood vessels. Pustules and papules are also possible. It looks similar to the acne that people experience in their teens, but this condition tends to affect adults. There are oral and topical medications that can help to control the symptoms.

Skin Tags

Skin tags are common and usually not harmful, but many people want to remove them for cosmetic reasons. These are usually located on the armpits and the neck area. It is important that only a dermatologist removes a skin tag if you choose to have them taken off. Trying to remove them on your own could result in infection and significant scarring.

You can see that there are several skin conditions that are very common. If you think you might be experiencing one of these, you should talk to a dermatologist in Palo Alto. Since this is your health, the dermatologist that you choose needs to have a solid reputation and experience.

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