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What Kinds of Skin Doctors Are Available?

Skin doctors, otherwise known as dermatologists, are people who are trained and qualified in treating a range of skin, hair, and nail problems. The field of dermatology is extensive. Given how broad the issues that can happen with these parts of the body are, it is a good thing there is such a diversity of knowledge.

Around the Roseville area, there are many excellent dermatologists. Some specialist in different fields to others. It is good to know what types of doctors for this area are available and what they can help with specifically. When in doubt, however, it is a good idea to find a general skin doctor in Roseville who can then do a referral to another person more specialised.

Dermatology can be broken down into three main areas, with different types of doctors working in each field. The main categories are cosmetic, medical, and surgery. All dermatologists work to ensure the largest organ of the body is healthy, functioning well, and pleasing to the individual.

Some issues that people have are aesthetic, some are irritating, and cause pain on a daily basis. Whatever the issues, there is a dermatologist who can help find the right solution. The main skin doctors include the following.


These are people who focus on finding out where skin diseases come from and what can be done to treat them. They often work in consultation with cosmetic dermatologists and have prior training in pathology. Dermatopathologists don’t normally work directly with patients, but rather in a laboratory. They look at samples of problems under microscopes to get a closer sense of what is causing it.

Pediatric Dermatologists

Here are doctors trained to work specifically with children’s conditions. It is important to have a separation between child and adult treatments because children can respond differently to treatments. Some conditions they may focus on include allergies, hives, acne, birthmarks or warts. They can also help to understand and treat congenital problems.


This type of field looks at how external reactions on the body affect the immune system. Much of their work involves testing treatments and reactions to conditions such as eczema and acne to ensure that products will not compromise a patient’s immune systems.

Cosmetic Dermatologists

When there is scarring involved because of a condition, it can be emotionally distressing. Cosmetic dermatologists work mostly with aesthetics to remove any scarring, facial issues, or marks on arms or legs. Much of this field is about skin rejuvenation, hair removal, or tightening of wrinkles.

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