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Chin Enhancement

What is a Chin Implant?

Your chin is an important facial feature that lends balance, symmetry, and character to your face. Your jawbone from birth may not always look the way you desire. A chin implant is a small synthetic structure placed under the skin and over your chin in order to make your chin more defined and provide better shape.

How Much Does a Chin Implant Cost?

Every patient has unique chin implant needs, and as a result, your costs, which will be discussed during your consultation, will vary from patient to patient. We accept all forms of payment, including credit cards and checks, and also offer convenient financing options.

Why Choose a Chin Implant?

A strong chin is an important part of making people feel younger and more attractive. Subtle changes to your jaw line can dramatically alter the overall appearance of your face. A chin implant may give you the facial profile you have always desired.

Who is a Candidate for a Chin Implant?

If you want to correct a recessive or weak chin and redefine your jawline to create a stronger profile, then you may be an ideal candidate for a chin implant.

What is the Procedure for a Chin Implant?

Your chin implant is inserted through a small incision placed either under your chin or inside your lower lip, and it is skillfully secured by your BSI plastic surgeon to augment the bony foundation of your face. The chin implant procedure is done under local or general anesthesia, and it can take under an hour to complete.

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