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5 Reasons Some People Still Get Acne During Adulthood

5 Reasons Some People Still Get Acne During Adulthood

There are some people who have been graced with fantastic skin, and others who wish they could get rid of acne altogether. Although teenagers are usually the prime candidates for acne, there are some adults who can encounter acne throughout the majority of their lives. Experiencing adult acne can be very embarrassing even though it shouldn’t be. Luckily, there are many acne skin treatments available in San Francisco that can help adults suffering from acne get their confidence back. The following are 5 reasons some people still get acne during adulthood.

Hormonal Imbalances

Hormonal imbalances may be the leading cause of adult acne, as it the the hormones, after all, that call the shots. Women with irregular menstrual cycles or excessive androgens in their bloodstream are usually at risk of encountering adult acne. As for men, hormonal imbalances can also cause their body to create a surplus of testosterone, which can result in cystic acne that is usually on the painful side. Getting blood tests done to determine whether or not a surplus of hormones is in one’s bloodstream can help doctors decipher whether the acne stems from a hormonal imbalance.

High Stress Levels

It is no secret that stress is like poison to the body, as it often impacts it in extremely negative ways. Having a large amount of stress on one’s plate can cause their hormones to grow wicked. Stress directly affects the adrenal gland, causing it to produce cortisol which is filled with testosterone. In return, testosterone causes oil glands to swell up, and this is why breakouts can occur due to stress. Anyone feeling stressed 8 days a week can benefit from finding positive ways to let go of their stresses.

Bad Cosmetics

Everyone knows that excess of oil can cause a person, no matter their age, to encounter blemishes and acne. However, not everyone knows that the kinds of cosmetics they use might be contributing to their acne. Adults who wear makeup should stay away from brands that use oil as an ingredient in their line of cosmetics.

Bad Diet

One of the most obvious reasons behind adult acne is bad nutrition. While eating the occasional chocolate bar might not affect someone’s skin, a diet high in fructose and processed sugars can truly affect a person’s skin. More than that, some foods contain high levels of hormones, which can complicate a person’s system even more. Eating clean is one of the best things an adult with acne can do.


Hygiene also plays a vital role in adult acne, as excess oils, dirt, and even bacteria can impact one’s skin. To avoid this, people with adult acne should aim to gently wash their faces twice a day and change their pillowcases weekly.

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