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How to Deal with Dry, Itchy and Scratchy Hands

How to Deal with Dry, Itchy and Scratchy Hands

If a person notices that their hands tend to be dry and scratchy from time to time, there might be something they can do to resolve the matter. This issue tends to be related to how the person uses their hands and how often they keep them clean. People tend to experience this issue when they use their hand for a living, including people that work in service jobs or those that do hard labor. But there is a way to replenish the look and feeling of soft hands if a person is willing to incorporate the following tactics into their daily routine.

Washing Hands with Warm Water

Lots of people like to wash their hands in hot water, but water that is too hot can actually damage a person’s skin, which will dry it out or chip away at the surface of a person’s skin. Cold water can be unpleasant for some people. So that’s why warm water is usually the best bet for most people. This is usually the best way for people to clean their hands. The warm water will be gentler on the skin and it does a good job of getting rid of germs.

Using a Moisturizer

If a person’s hands are usually dry or cracked, it means that their hands are not getting enough moisture. Washing their hands does not supply moisture to the skin, as all that water will just run down the skin and it won’t be absorbed into their skin. That’s why some people may want to think about using a hand moisturizer once a day or several times a week when they notice their hands are dry or cracking. This restores the moisture levels in the person’s hands, giving the skin a more healthy appearance.

Wearing Gloves

If a person is used to handling all kinds of chemicals or they are used to putting their hands in water many times a day, all that exposure to water and other substances can wear down their skin. That’s why some people should wear gloves when doing dishes or working with substances. This will protect their skin from lots of wear and tear throughout the day, keeping the skin looking like new.

If a person is looking for other ways of dealing with this issue, they can try to talking to a dermatologist in Cameron Park for more advice and information.

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