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How to Get Rid of Acne on the Back

How to Get Rid of Acne on the Back

Many people suffer from what’s called “bacne” or acne that spreads to the back region. This can be an embarrassing condition for some people, especially when they need to remove their shirt or wear a backless piece of clothing that may expose an infected area. But there are many treatment methods for those suffering from bacne, including topical creams and other lifestyle changes that can promote clean and clear skin on the back. Those suffering from bacne might find the following information useful.

Using Ointment and Topical Creams

A person with a lot of bacne will benefit from using a certain kind of ointment or topical cream that’s designed to get rid of bacne. These medicinal products get rid of toxins that can cause bacne. They also clean the skin and help reduce the chances of a future breakout. A person can talk to their doctor or a dermatologist in their area if they need help finding a cream or ointment for their specific condition.

Avoiding Tight Clothing

Wearing tight or restrictive clothing can also lead to a bacne breakout. The skin usually likes to have lots of room to breathe and all that tight clothing can make it difficult for the body to keep acne at bay. Those that suffer from bacne will be better off wearing something lighter and looser when exercising or moving around excessively.

A person may also feel more comfortable when wearing something that’s not as restrictive. These pieces of clothing can limit a person’s movements and lead to a variety of skin issues in certain areas.

Wearing Sunscreen

A person that struggles with bacne will also want to wear a good deal of sunscreen when walking around outside with parts of their back exposed. The sun will make acne worse in some cases, so it’s usually best to avoid direct exposure to sunlight or make sure that the affected area is properly covered in sunscreen with a high SPF. If a person is having a hard time reaching the infected area of their back, they should ask one of their friends to apply the sunscreen for them.


A person can also look into prescriptions for acne removal medicines and other medications that can help prevent an outbreak. However, this is often used as a last resort when dealing with the skin issue as some medications need to be closely monitored by a doctor.  Those suffering from this condition might want to talk to a dermatologist for more information.

Those looking for a dermatologist in Palo Alto can check their local listings and then make an appointment for a skin assessment.

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