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Top 4 Interesting Facts About Skin

Top 4 Interesting Facts About Skin

Although every single person is going to have skin covering their entire body, not many of them are going to know what attributes and characteristics their skin holds unless they have studied or inquired about dermatology. The following are the op 4 interesting facts about skin that everyone should know!

Skin Properties

Skin is often regarded as one of the most curious aspects of the human body due to some of its most ludicrous properties. For example, it has been proven that the skin of an average person can be stretched out to cover an area of 2 square metres due to its supreme elasticity. While a person’s skin might not seem so big, it is actually pretty heavy and accounts for a minimum of 15% of a person’s body weight. While a person’s size and height is going to affect these statistics, most people can expect to be carrying around 9 pounds of skin.

Skin Regeneration

What makes skin so special is that it acts as a live barrier between the outside world and the human body. While it may appear to not be alive, skin cells are always in constant motion and working towards renewing themselves at the end of every 28 days. In fact, skin is never not working, as it has been proven to shed anywhere between 30k to 40k cells every single minute. As a result of this, people experience dust that they usually associate with outdoor debris but it is actually a result of cumulative dead skin cells.

Skin Has a Mind of Its Own

Another very special fact pertaining to skin is that it has a mind of its own, whose sole purpose is to shed out anything bad to make way for new skin cells. What makes human skin so fantastic is its ability to regenerate itself after having been subjected to trauma. When the skin’s surface is nicked and blood is dispensed, the skin is going to react by forming scar tissue. Scar tissue may not be the same exact same thing as skin, but it does do a similar job, with the exception of providing hair and sweat glands to the compromised region. On top of that, skin can react to popular demand, which is why it forms blisters, calluses, and scabs every time a specific region is being targeted by extra pressure, rubbing, or discomfort.

Health Can be Indicated Through Skin

When a person first notices a significant change in their skin’s look, feel, and texture, it is highly important for them to visit their dermatologist in Palo Alto. This is because a sudden change in someone’s skin and nails can be an indication of an underlying health issue.

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