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5 Helpful Ways to Help Address Skin Dryness

5 Helpful Ways to Help Address Skin Dryness

Caring for your skin requires having a regimen that you have to follow every single day for the entire year. However, with the changing environmental factors and weather conditions, your regimen might not necessarily work for the whole year. Additionally, if you travel a lot, having the same regimen might have adverse effects rather than help you keep a healthy complexion. This can lead to having dry skin that can lead to more problems if it is not properly addressed by a skin treatment facility in Walnut Creek. In addition to the treatment, there are other ways that can help you combat the dryness.

1. Avoid super long baths

Although most of us find baths relaxing, which is why we often spend a long time in there, doing so regularly can lead to dryness. When you spend a long time in the bath, you lose a lot of hydration and moisture in your skin. Hence, it is recommended to shorten that bath to around 10 minutes only every time to avoid losing too much moisture. Additionally, use soap that is gentle on the skin to help relieve the dryness. Once you’re done, pat your body dry with a soft towel to avoid irritation.

2. Put on moisturizer right after bathing

After your bath, make sure you apply your moisturizer to hydrate your skin again. A good moisturizer can help lock in the remaining moisture on your skin and prevent it from becoming too dry.

3. Use a lip balm

A lip balm is a good solution if your lips get too dry. There are some lip balm products that have a soothing effect especially when your lips are too dry. In some cases, if your lips are too dry, they tend to break, which can be very painful. Make sure to wear the right lip balm that gets the job done without irritating your skin.

4. Check your laundry detergent

Sometimes, the cause of the dryness in your skin is the harsh laundry detergent that you use when washing your clothes. If you’ve noticed this then replace your laundry detergent immediately. If you keep on using it then it might lead to more dryness problems and can further irritate your skin.

5. Install a humidifier at home

A humidifier is a device that adds moisture to the air inside your home. If you think that the air inside your home is too dry, which has effects on your body then it is best to invest in a trustworthy humidifier. Sometimes, the changing weather can have an effect in the moisture content inside your home. Your best buddy that will ensure you have the right moisture in the air is a reliable humidifier. Turning it on will ensure that your skin won’t be too dry because there is enough moisture in the air around you.

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