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5 Ways to Have Better Skin by Next Week

It doesn’t take the skin long to provide a snapshot of what’s going on inside the body. In fact, in as little as a couple of days, a person can begin to transform the look and quality of their skin. With just a few changes in lifestyle and skin care, individuals can improve their skin by the same time next week. Below are 5 simple dermatologist-approved steps that an individual can take so they can have healthier, more beautiful skin by next week:

  1. Clean up the diet – The foods that people eat have a significant impact on their skin’s quality. Sugary snacks, processed foods, artificial additives, refined sugars, and even milk and dairy can negatively impact the skin. A poor diet can contribute to everything from acne to puffiness to reduced elasticity and more pronounced fine lines. A week dropping unhealthy foods from the diet and eating clean foods will give a person’s skin a whole new appearance.
  1. Get some sleep – One or two decent night’s sleeps feel great but it isn’t enough to undo all the damage of fatigue that comes from night after night of staying up too late or having poor sleep quality. If an individual prioritizes going to bed early each night for the next week they will begin to start seeing positive improvements in their skin’s tone, color, smoothness, and elasticity. Not only will the skin look better but a person will feel refreshed and renewed because of the extra sleep, which comes with many other health benefits too.
  1. Drink water – It doesn’t take long to restore dehydrated skin if an individual makes it a priority to drink more water, cut back on caffeine, and cut out alcohol or at least limit its intake. A week of increased water intake will do wonders to improve skin tone, improve firmness, reduce puffiness and diminish under eye circles. Even after just a few days, a person will start to look and feel visibly better simply by drinking more water.
  1. Have a facial – A good quality facial can drastically improve the appearance of all aspects of the skin, including pigment, firmness, tone, and texture. A facial will draw toxins and impurities out of the skin, provide deep cleansing, exfoliate the skin to promote the turnover of new skin cells, and deliver deep hydration, all within about an hour. When combined with other healthy diet and lifestyle habits, a facial will have optimal results.
  1. Consider an advanced procedure – As part of their personal week-long skin revitalization, individuals may wish to consider having a cosmetic procedure performed by a San Francisco dermatologist, for example, an injection like Juvederm or Botox. The effects of these procedures can be seen and enjoyed immediately after treatment, however there may be some redness or tenderness that can take several days to clear up. If an individual has a cosmetic injection at the beginning of their one-week skin makeover, it gives them plenty of time for any minor side effects to heal while they work on their other lifestyle changes, and by the end of the week they will look like a new and better version of themselves.

Disclaimer: We are unable to guarantee any result, even though most of our patients do see success. The results of our services will vary greatly to each patient’s level of commitment and compliance with the program.

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