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How to Select the Right Dermatologist For You

How to Select the Right Dermatologist For You

The discipline of dermatology is not simply limited to curing acne and finding the latest in anti-aging technology. Challenging skin problems can plague just about anybody, and issues range anywhere from cosmetic to preventative to confidence-related in nature. Simplifying the search for the right dermatologist, especially in places like Pleasanton or Placerville, is made easy by the wealth of expert knowledge in the area. The qualities that the best skincare professionals possess must go hand-in-hand with personal skincare preferences.

Know which expert to seek out

There are different skincare professionals for everything. General skin doctors treat rashes, acne, and rosacea, which is reddening of the skin. They also examine moles for potentially harmful cells and can also assist with anti-aging creams. Anything that would require a little more labor-intensive process, including procedures with needles and lasers, are taken over by cosmetic dermatologists. This would encompass more harsh signs of aging, like scar removal or fixing permanent discolorations on the skin.

Ask the right questions

Asking a doctor if they have experience handling other similarly relevant issues with other patients can give a good indicator of if they are confident in fixing the problem at hand. A skin doctor with confidence gives their patients reasons to feel confident in the path toward results too. Ask doctors what the results will look like, and if they have any indication that results would vary based on any controllable or uncontrollable factors. Getting the big picture of how to achieve the best results before any treatments take place can inform a lot of the rest of the process.

Check credentials and research

Do not be afraid to use social media. Take a look at the specialist’s resume, see if they have any affiliations with other medical organizations, see if they are published and if so, what they have published, among whatever else can be dug up. By knowing their history and specialties, making an informed decision about whether they are the best person for the job will become much easier. When it comes to the more intensive procedures involving lasers and injections, more experience is favorable. When it comes to needing the right ointment prescription, fresh blooded doctors may have the upperhand in knowing all the latest ingredients on the market fresh out of school.

If skin is kept healthy with help from trained professionals, patients can see significant improvements in overall mental and physical health depending on the skin in question. Proper skin care includes doing things as simple as putting a layer of sunscreen on before trekking outside for the day. While an expert can help outline important steps to achieve results, a patient’s willingness to be observant of their own bodily reactions in day-to-day life will inform the majority of anyone’s skin care needs and should be relayed to the right doctor accordingly.


Disclaimer: We are unable to guarantee any result, even though most of our patients do see success. The results of our services will vary greatly to each patient’s level of commitment and compliance with the program.


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