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Potentially Serious Skin Conditions You Should Know About

Potentially Serious Skin Conditions You Should Know About


When it comes to a skin doctor, Roseville residents do not want to hesitate making an appointment when they notice something odd. While you surely know about skin cancer and how serious it can be, there are a few other skin conditions to be aware of that might be serious in some cases.



Certain types of fleas are responsible for this condition. They lay eggs after burrowing into your skin. This results in localized areas of itching, burning and pain. Symptoms like lesions, ulcers and blisters are also possible. When untreated, serious consequences can manifest, such as gangrene infections and tetanus.



Shingles is a disorder you hear about a lot and you hear about the pain, but most are not aware of how severe it can get, especially for the elderly and immunocompromised. In addition to the pain, which can become quite severe, you can also experience a headache, a significant rash, a fever, blisters and scabs.

Pemphigus Vulgaris


This is a skin condition that can occur in children, but it most common in people over 40 years old. It is a rash comprised of irregularly shaped lesions and blisters in your mouth. If this condition goes untreated, there is the potential for an infection. Leaving the infection untreated has the potential to result in death.

Toxic Epidermal Necrolysis


You likely have not heard of this condition, but it is one of the most dangerous and can result in death without treatment. It is characterized by fever, cough, fatigue, muscle and joint pain, congestion and a runny nose. The skin is also typically tender. As the condition continues, a rash can develop. The symptoms are often mistaken for the flu and the rash looks similar to eczema. Due to how often this condition is misdiagnosed, death is a possibility. If you are having these symptoms and a rash occurs, see your doctor immediately.

Stevens-Johnson Syndrome


This is another rash-based disorder that occurs in men more often than women. It can occur as the result of a medication reaction. The rash starts in the areas of the mucus membranes. From the rash, lesions and blisters can develop. This can cause a lot of pain and discomfort, and it can be difficult to treat.



This is another bug-related disorder, also referred to as body lice. In most cases when this condition is promptly treated, there are no ill effects. However, untreated, it can lead to open sores and infection, both of which can have dire effects.

Now you know more about certain skin conditions that might be serious. If you suspect you might be experiencing any of these, make sure to consult with a qualified skin doctor in Roseville without delay.

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