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How to Exfoliate Your Skin: Tips for Maximum Skin Rejuvenation

Exfoliation is something many people skip because they simply do not understand how important it is. Exfoliating your skin might aid in essentially rejuvenating it by removing dead skin cells and helping to take off impurities left behind by the cleanser that you use. However, it is important that you go about the exfoliation process properly so that you have a chance to reap the most benefits. With a dermatologist, San Francisco residents can learn more about this process as it relates to their skin type.


Preparing to Exfoliate


You should remove any makeup and cleanse your skin using a gentle cleanser that is geared toward your skin type. This can aid in ensuring that your skin is ready for the exfoliation process.


Use the Right Exfoliant and Technique


You should use an exfoliant designed for the face. Using just the pads of your fingers, use a circular motion to gently exfoliate your face. Be extra careful near your eyes as this skin tends to be thinner and more sensitive. Be very gentle with your face and exercise caution when you rinse so that none of the exfoliant gets into your eyes.


Rinsing Off the Exfoliant


Using lukewarm water, rinse your face. You can use your hands to help remove the exfoliant. Once it is all washed off, you can wash your face with a moisturizing cleanser that is designed for your face and skin type. After the cleanser is rinsed away, it is often recommended to do a quick rinse with the coldest water that you can handle.


After Exfoliating


Grab a clean, soft towel and gently pat your skin to remove excess water, but leave some dampness. First, apply a facial moisturizer to your face. Make sure that the moisturizer is designed for your skin type so that you get the most benefit. You might consider talking to your dermatologist in San Francisco to get recommendations about the moisturizer that might be the best choice for your skin. They may also be able to aid you in finding other products that may be helpful.


Exfoliating is generally considered important for healthy skin, but it can be a drying process. Because of this, it is critical to fully and properly moisturize your skin afterward. If you have dry skin, only exfoliate once a week. More oily and hydrated skin can be exfoliated twice a week if necessary. This could change with the seasons, so be aware of this.


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