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Learning about Facials for Sensitive Skin

Learning about Facials for Sensitive Skin


Your skin may be sensitive for a large variety of reasons. Maybe you have had too many peels, or your skin doesn’t agree with something in the environment. The cause is important and should be pinned down. Once you know what is causing issues you can easily enjoy the benefits of getting a good facial. With a dermatologist, Cameron Park residents can help to determine if a facial is ideal for them.


What Is a Sensitive Skin Facial?


This is a facial that is tailored for sensitive skin. The process is usually the same as most facials, but everything is applied more gently. The products used are typically specific to sensitive skin. These facials may help to deep clean as most facials do, but they might also help to soothe the skin and add hydration.


Facial Procedure Steps


Your facial will generally begin with a gentle cleansing. A creamy or milky cleanser is often used. After massaging the cleanser in and feeling confident that all impurities are gone, the technician will gently wash the cleanser away with soft cotton pads or cloths and warm water. Your skin is gently patted dry after this.


Your skin will usually be exfoliated next. A very gentle one will be used since sensitive skin can react negatively to many exfoliators. This will be gently massaged in and then removed in a fashion similar to how the cleanser is removed.


Your face will usually be steamed now. Towels that are wet and heated are commonly used. These are wrapped around your face to steam and pull impurities out of the pores.


If you have any blackheads, these might be manually pulled out after getting a steam. This is a step that you can skip if you prefer.


A mask for sensitive skin is often applied. This is generally a hydrating mask because remember that hydration is very important to sensitive skin. This is left one for at least 10 to 15 minutes and then washed away.


A facial massage usually follows that will help to deeply relax you. Lastly, a serum is often applied. These are often best for sensitive skin and typically leave your skin feeling calm and like silk.


Benefits of a Sensitive Skin Facial


A sensitive skin facial works to preserve the natural oils in your skin. This is important because these offer a barrier of protection against the world, as well as other irritants. Some will be washed away, but most of them will be left intact. Other benefits might include:


     This type of facial will boost your hydration.

     If your skin is already irritated, this facial can help to soothe it.

     Your skin will also be deep cleaned.


Your dermatologist in Cameron Park can help you to determine if this type of facial might be ideal for you. They can also aid you in better understanding your skin type.


Disclaimer: We are unable to guarantee any result, even though most of our patients do see success. The results of our services will vary greatly to each patient’s level of commitment and compliance with the program.


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