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Christmas July 2024

Understanding Skin Treatment Options for Vitiligo

Technology is becoming much more advanced, allowing people with tough-to-treat skin conditions like vitiligo to start seeing results. Now, patients with vitiligo have multiple treatment options to help them even out tone and repigment the skin. Use this guide to learn about some potential skin treatment options in Walnut Creek.

Excimer Laser

The revolutionary Excimer Laser is specifically designed to reduce white scarring using fiber optics. A very precise laser light concentrates on the affected area. As the dermatologist moves the light, they are able to control the amount of exposure the skin receives. This quickly and painlessly re-colors the skin. This treatment is often selected for patients with vitiligo because it is very low risk and has few rare side effects.

Bleaching Creams

Instead of trying to restore the lost pigments, patients even out their skin tone permanently with a cream. This skin treatment in Walnut Creek is very rarely recommended, as it leaves the patient with very pale white skin. While this treatment may seem easy to apply, patients will still have to discuss the procedure with a dermatologist.

Topical Medications

Several different prescription creams can help stimulate pigmentation in the skin. These treatment options are easy to apply at home and deliver slow, but consistent results. While most cosmetic treatment options are non-invasive, many patients select this option in lieu of advanced light treatments or surgery.

PUVA Light Therapy

This skin treatment is a little more complex than an excimer laser and often has more side effects. Much like a Light Box treatment, this procedure uses large amounts of light to help treat all affected areas at once. While effective, most dermatologists and surgeons will encourage patients to select other treatment options that don’t require careful observation afterwards or multiple follow up sessions.

How to Choose the Best Vitiligo Skin Treatment

Like most medical procedures, there is no “best” selection when it comes to treating vitiligo. The procedure the patient selects will reflect their needs. For example, many patients will choose the precise Excimer Laser because it quickly shows results and requires little follow up care. However, this treatment may not be practical for patients with severe cases of vitiligo, as the laser is very small.

Selecting the ideal skin treatment for vitiligo patients starts with a trip to the local dermatologist. The specialist will be able to examine the patient and consider their current health before making a suggestion. By working closely with a professional, patients will be able to receive more precise, accurate care. This can lead to faster treatments and better results. To learn more about skin treatments Walnut Creek residents can use, please contact an expert today.

Disclaimer: We are unable to guarantee any result, even though most of our patients do see success. The results of our services will vary greatly to each patient’s level of commitment and compliance with the program.

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