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Where to Apply Sunscreen

It’s no secret that sunscreen is one of the easiest ways to protect against the summer rays. Unfortunately, most people only think that sunscreen is a beach accessory, leaving themselves wide open from everyday burns. Dermatologists in San Francisco know that sun exposure is around every corner, especially on bright, warm days. Here are just some of the places people should bring extra sunscreen:

In the Car

Ever hear of trucker’s tan? It’s a condition where a driver’s left arm burns as it rests by the window. This uneven tan can be very unsightly and the burn can get worse fast. Even if no one is planning a cross-country road trip in the near future, using a light spray before getting behind the wheel is a wise move.

On the Bus

People relying on public transportation should be just as cautious as drivers when it comes to sunscreen. While they don’t always have to worry about arm tan, the large windows on busses and trains expose passengers to extra sunshine while they travel. Combined with waiting at an outdoor stop, this is a lot of exposure and a lot of opportunities to burn.

Daily Walks

It doesn’t take long for skin to burn. While dermatologists in San Francisco know that sunburns can appear in 30 minutes or less, most residents don’t. That means walking the dog around the block a few times or taking the kids to the playground could result in a very uncomfortable burn. Anytime someone is going outside for more than a few minutes, they should apply sunscreen.

At Work

People who work outdoors are exposed to the sun’s rays the most. While their tan may even out or they no longer burn due to daily exposure, their skin is still at risk for damage. Those who spend several hours a day outside in the hot sun should apply a high SPF sunscreen liberally every two hours. If spots or unusual discoloration appears on the skin, they should contact a dermatologist immediately.

Running Errands

While skin tends to burn when directly exposed to the sunlight for 30 minutes or more, this time doesn’t have to be in one go. People running from store to store often find themselves getting burned, as a few minutes here and there can really add up.

Can’t Be Too Careful

People who aren’t sure how much they will be exposed to the sun this summer shouldn’t take chances. It is easy to forget how much time a person spends outside and no one wants to wind up with an uncomfortable burn. Always pack sunscreen and apply whenever going outside for a few minutes just to be on the safe side.

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